Married Couple

We are a husband and wife team with a passion for great photographs.   It is a creative journey that continues to inspire us.

Jim studied photography at the University of Hawaii.   Artist Statement:  "Focused on conceptual photography touching various sides of life. Apart from exceptional technical quality, my works features true emotions, naturalness, positiveness, and a fresh feeling with an artistic edge. My work has been used by clients from around the world.  Visually and emotionally compelling content provokes questions and curiosity vs simply making a statement or merely a visual record of a scene or event."

Pamela has presented her work in art galleries in Honolulu, Hawaii and was the President of the Pacific Handcrafter's Guild.  She has exhibited her images at art shows throughout the Hawaiian islands and the mainland USA.  Her images are sold worldwide and used in various media including company websites and advertising. 

Our mission is to produce high quality images that tell a story and inspire the viewer.   

We hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoy creating them.